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Brent Fraim founded Dear Elouise in 2015 after several years of designing invitations for friends and family. Brent completed her graduate studies in design at Atlanta's Portfolio Center, and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia.  The company is named after her dear grandmother, Elouise.

Dear Elouise prides itself on high quality paper goods and boutique design. We collaborate closely with each of our clients to create a design that distinctively reflects his or her style. Our approach is a collective one from start to finish. Each of our clients brings his or her own unique vision to the table, and we are dedicated to bringing that aesthetic to life. We listen to and work closely with our clients, perfecting custom stationery that embodies their preferences in design, print, ink, paper, envelope, font, script and pattern. Throughout the process, we provide honest, thoughtful guidance while crafting refined, elegant and timeless designs that accent each event from beginning to end.